How to Clone My High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
Business and Make it Your Own
These are the exact steps I took to create my Affiliate Marketing Business 
About myself and Affiliate Marketing
My name is Chris DiGiammarino. I'm still working a full time job and doing affiliate marketing on the side. I started this journey to be able to provide extra income for my family and eventually get out of the 9-5 lifestyle. So far, I have done good and this clone of my business will help you to recreate what I've done and help you implement this business model. For those that don't know. Affiliate marketing is where you find a product you like, You promote it, and when it sells you get a commission. Companies do this to save millions on advertising costs and you still make extra income. Start with step one below. Read through everything, top to bottom, before starting. It is a lot of information and it will take time. Nothing worth having will happen overnight. 

STEP 1: If you haven't already done so, start the 15 day challenge

This is the building block for your Affiliate Marketing business. Learn everything in the 15 day challenge. 

STEP 2: Start your ClickFunnels account so you can 1-click copy my funnel

If you sign up for Clickfunnels here, you do not have to inside Legendary Marketer

This will also help me out working toward my goal of also being a Clickfunnels affiliate instead of legendary getting more $$$$
This will be your website and funnel builder for your business. Everything is built in here. This button will get you started in the one funnel away program and teach you how to use clickfunnels. If you want to try a 14-day FREE trial, Click the button in step 3. Either way you will be getting my funnel. There is more training in the one funnel away program but if you're just trying everything out, Clicking the Button in step 3 and you get a 14 day free trial.

STEP 3: While logged into ClickFunnels, click this button to import your funnel

Once logged into Clickfunnels you click this button. Clickfunnels will open a new window and it will ask you to add this funnel. Click that button and it will import my funnel to you. If you didn't sign up for click funnels in step 2, just click this button and it will get you signed up with a 14-day FREE trial and a copy of my funnel

 Complete The 15 Day Challenge Before Moving To Step 4

STEP 4: In this section, you will learn how to set up Clickfunnels for email traffic

 There are a few steps that need to be followed to get your newly opened clickfunnels account going and getting people to your affiliate links.

1.  Create a Domain within click funnels for your new funnel. Instructions->Click Here

2. The most important part of any Affiliate Marketing business is your email list. Only 20% of people buy on the first exposure. That means that the other 80% of buyers come from FOLLOWING UP. The rule of thumb is that you need to expose your product to a person on average 7 times to get them to purchase. Without a proper system set up, you are missing out on 80% of potential sales

3. The next step is to get a professional email. If you don't do this, it is likely that all your emails will go to spam. I personally use Zoho because it is easier to set up in Clickfunnels but there are plenty of others out there. The most common being one through G-suite

4.  The next step is to link your professional email to your domain. This step is the one that makes everyone pull their hair out. I promise you that this is the hardest part of the whole process. It's easier from here. Here are the Instructions Zoho and G-suite . If you're using G-suite you will have to contact Clickfunnels support for them to set the  priorities for your G-suite email because there is no provision for it in click funnels. This is simple and they usually get it done quick during business hours on weekdays.

5. Choose an auto responder. I recommend Activecampaign or Getresponse because of Awebers double confirmation requirement. I personally use Activecampaign but I provided links to all three for you

6. Inside of which ever auto responder you chose, create a new list. This list will be your email list for Legendary Marketer. I use Activecampaign so here is a walk through on how to do it there. This is for Activecampaign. This one is for Getresponse. This one is for Aweber

7. Next you'll want to integrate your active campaign account, or whichever auto responder you chose, with Clickfunnels. Instructions Here

STEP 5: This section will cover the set up of your funnel 

  To use my funnel and make it yours, you will need to swap out my links and make them yours, Change out the bridge page video, Integrate your autoresponder to the (HOME)opt in page, and assign your domain to the funnel. I have specific videos for each step below but I also recommend Watching this video on the Basics of Clickfunnels

1. The first step will be assigning your domain in clickfunnels to your funnel. That way when someone clicks on your link, it will take them to your (HOME)opt-in page. Your domain is your funnel/website address. In Clickfunnels, go to where your funnels are and click on the one of mine that you copied. Then go to the top right and you'll see 4 tabs. Steps, Stats, Contacts, and Settings. Click on settings and the top setting will say name and the one below it will say domain. This is where it is asking you which domain you want linked to this funnel. Click on it and choose the domain you set up in the beginning. You're funnel is now your website. when anyone types in your domain name or a link to it, they will go to your funnel.

2. Next lets integrate your autoresponder to your (HOME)opt-in page on the funnel you copied from me. Under the funnels section in Clickfunnels, chose the funnel that you copied from me. When it pulls up you're going to see an (HOME)opt-in page, a bridge page, and offer page or offer stack. There are other parts of the funnel after that but those are for more advanced functions in your email sequence later on. On the opt-in page click the EDIT button and follow the instructions in this Video Here. Now when someone opts-in to your page, the email address will go to your autoresponder for email follow up. Like we discussed earlier, the money is in the follow up

3. Next, we need to change out the affiliate links in the buttons to your links from Legendary Marketer. We will start with the Bridge page. If you've finished the 15 day challenge and decided to be an affiliate, you'll be assigned your own affiliate links. To find those links in Legendary, you'll go to your affiliate tab, go to funnels tab and click on business builder. Under affiliate links you'll see a lot of different links. For the bridge page you're going to want to use your link for the sales page. In the next video, it will show you how to set the action of a button in click funnels. Once you Finish this video, you're going to go to all the start buttons on the bridge page, hover over the orange setting button just like the video said, and then hit the set action button. You will see my affiliate link in the url. This is where you delete my url and put yours from legendary in its place. Do this to every button on the page. Just a side note. for some reason clickfunnels is picky about how url's are entered. So once its in, go to the very end of your url and hit the space bar one time and then the backspace bar one time. If you don't do it, the url wont be set and when you get out of there the button will have a small red box saying no action set. Contact me if you have any issues with this.

4. The next step is to do the same process to the offer page. Its called the offer stack in the funnel. For this page you will put your legendary affiliate link for the checkout page in every button on the offer stack part of the funnel. It will be the same process as the previous step. You will do all the START buttons on the page. Delete my link and put yours in.

STEP 6: Access Your Bridge Page Script

In this step, you will need to create your welcome video for your bridge page. This is a word script I provide but I do recommend that you speak from the heart and tell your own story. People can smell bull @$%& from a mile away
To change the video you will first have to make a video and then upload it to your computer and then link the URL to the bridge page. I use Wistia for my videos at this time. They allow you to upload 3 free videos so I chose them. You can also use YouTube if you want. Once you've uploaded your video to Wistia or YouTube, You will see the URL for that video. Hover over my video on the bridge page in your funnel and click on the orange setting button just like you did to change the affiliate links above. It will ask you which video type. Once you've chosen your type of video, You will enter the URL of that video below it where it asks for the URL. Again, Make sure to save as you go so you don't lose any progress.

Deathly Afraid to Go On Camera? You can use the script above and have a designer create an animated explainer video

This is just an option for those who don't want to be on camera. It may cost a few dollars but they can handle an animated video for you

STEP 7: Set up Your Email Sequence

These are copies of emails that you can copy and paste into whichever autoresponder you chose to use. I will provide the links on how to set up the autoresponders I've mentioned in this tutorial. Getresponse, Activecampaign, and Aweber. You will have to go through them and make small changes and change the name at the bottom to yours. Some places are for automated functions. They are usually in brackets or parenthesis and asking for your name or their name. These are more advanced and can be done but I just delete them. Each One of your funnels has a web shortcut address assigned to it. That way you can put those links in emails and send people directly to your offer stack page. This Is where you can mix it up a little and put in the addresses of the pages that come after the offer stack. When you're on your funnel overview, these are the ones listed after the offer stack page that we haven't talked about yet. Those are different trainings you can link to any emails you want. Just a way to add value. Please remember to change out the links in those buttons on those pages to your affiliate link for the offer stack.

STEP 8: Testing 

The next thing to do is to test things out and make sure it all works

1. The Domain you created earlier for your funnel is now the link to your opt-in page. Open a new tab on your internet browser or on your phone and type in that domain in the address bar and hit enter. It should take you to your opt-in page. If it does not, please refer back to step 4 and make sure everything is set like it should be.

2. Next, put in your name and email. Verify two things. 1. After hitting enter make sure it takes you to your bridge page. 2. go to your autoresponder and verify that your email has been recorded as a new contact. In the following days you should get follow up emails if you set it up correctly. This will tell you that it is set up right. 

3. Once you get to your own bridge page, click the video and verify that it plays. After that, click on the start button and make sure it takes you to the offer stack page. Watch the video of Dave Sharpe and then hit the start button to make sure it goes to the check-out page.

4. Once this is all verified you are ready for traffic. 


Now that you're done with everything, you are ready to get out there and promote Legendary Marketer. There are many way to promote but right now the easiest way is to start on TikTok. The hardest part of this will be consistency. You will need to do at least 3 TikTok videos per day to make sure your message is getting out there. It took me a little while to get going so don't get discouraged if you don't get anywhere in the beginning. 

There are other methods of bringing in traffic but in the beginning just focus on one and get it down. Later you can venture out into YouTube, Google ads, Facebook, FB and Instagram Reels, and Blogs to get even more leads. 


When you're first getting started with your online business there is a period of time where you'll be overwhelmed and not sure that what you're currently doing is the right thing to be doing and unsure of what to do next.

There is nothing worse than working your butt off for 90 days only to find out you weren't doing things the right way. So then you've wasted that time and this is when most people throw in the towel.

Here are the basics to get most people started and headed in the right direction
1.      Get the training. 
         A. The 15 Day Challenge is a great way to learn and get the marketing skills
         B. Another Place is MCS. This is a coaching program where they take everyone by hand and get them to there goals.                     Join the Free FaceBook group >>  START HERE

2.      Pick a product
         A. There are many places to pick products to promote. The most popular ones in the MMO niche are courses and                         softwares because of the higher profit margins and higher commission percentages. For this reason I recommend                      getting started promoting Legendary Marketer or MCS as a way to get going and get results.

3.      Building Your Funnel
         A. Build your funnel around the product you want to promote

4.      Set up email follow up
         A. get your email autoresponder set up and ready to do follow up for your product

5.      Promoting on TikTok

A. Use a creator account as this is proven to get more reach. Resist the immediate urge to post your link with a business account
B.      Don't make side hustle trash content that attracts the wrong audience. You may get tons of click, views, and followers but you'll have an account full of people that want a hand out and won't buy from you. I've seen people with 100k followers that haven't made a dime and then I've seen people with 25k followers that have made $50,000 because they created the right content

C.      What's the right content?? or What's the right audience? 

The right audience is YOU !!! There is a reason you decided to get started making money online and I promise you that you don't have the patent for your reasons. What this means is that there are people just like you out there that want the same change and results. This is who your content should target.

The right content can be a few things with a couple main objectives.  Solving problems(pain points), Overcoming                      Objections, Mindset Change, Motivational, and probably the most important is creating curiosity.
c1.      Solving Problems/Pain Points. Just like it sounds. when you got started with this you had reasons or pain points that were enough to make you want to change. So in some of your content talk about that. Talk about how you wanted out of debt, or hate your job, want more family time, go on vacations, tired of 60-70-80 hour work weeks..ect

c2.      Overcoming Objections. Here you'll be overcoming the same things that made you hesitant about starting when you did. Is this a scam? Can I actually make money? I'm not smart enough? I'm not good with tech? Will I get help? Can someone show me what to do? How much time does it take? Can I do this while still working full time? 

c3.      Mindset Change. 95% of the people watching your content do not believe any of this is legit or can work. They will always believe that what they've been taught their whole lives about a 9-5 being the only way they can make money. That trading time for money is the only way. so some of your content must address this and start breaking down that mindset

c4.      Motivational. Just like it says. Every now and then you need to throw in a motivational video that will not pitch anything but rather get people to get off the sidelines and take action

c5.      Creating Curiosity. This one is what will usually compel people to end up finally clicking your link. These videos can be your wins(income claims done right). Income claims are why most of us started this in the first place. I know its why I did. Now obviously you can't just make video after video of this as you'll start to alienate your audience and they'll feel more like its bragging rather than just showing what can be done. Here are the keys to creating curiosity
c5.      Like it was stated above, Showing folks what is possible with showing income is ok when used sparingly and tastefully. Just a note: If you haven't earned anything its ok to leverage other peoples wins but If I were you I wouldn't mention them by name because people will go check them out and possibly decide to buy from them. It happens.

c5.      You also never want to marry yourself to one product so even though you may be promoting legendary tight now. What if you decide to change or they decide to go in a different direction. So your content should reflect this and stay neutral. I have neve once talked about a $7 course or named the program in my content. The other reason you don't name the product is because people will immediately go google it and will see someone's review which will likely be a blog and then they will get the sale. The bottom line is to create content that makes people want to click your link to see what's going on

c6.      Transformation: People want to see where they can be. They want to see how you go from nothing to making a change in your life. Transformation sells more than anything. So a lot of your content will always show a transformation by default. Just don't forget that its important

D.        Going Live: The days of making 3 tiktok's per day and just sitting back and cashing in are just not as prevalent as they used to be. It can happen but it will require a level of consistency that most won't be able to keep up with.. This is why going live is really important. Going live is what will separate you from everyone else posting 3 tiktok's per day. This allows people to get to know you. When dealing with high ticket going live is what works on tiktok. People do business with people. If they don't resonate with you, you'll have a hard time making a sale.

E.      Hashtags: Steer away from popular hashtags when starting a new account. Big Tags like affiliate marketing, business,  and make money online are going to do a couple things on tiktok. TikTok is social media and the job of  "social" media is to group like minded people together. So when you start using these big hashtags right out of the gate its going to have a negative effect. 
e1.      As a smaller account it will lump you in with the rest of us that have bigger accounts and then your content will be seen mostly by other affiliates and 90% of the time they just scroll and so it kills your watch time and views and then you'll get discouraged and quit. I've seen it happen  

F.      Dealing with negativity: It used to be a good thing to engage these folks because the algorithm used to love engagement. Comments are the last metric in any video now so there is no need to engage. And with how easy it is to get someone's account shutdown, my new recommendation is to block them immediately and move on. Save yourself the hassle of getting an account that you've worked so hard for, banned!

G.      What time to post: This is really way overblown because of the reach that tiktok has but making sure you post after 10 a.m. and no later than 9 p.m. will have the best results so try and post your content in between these times. Never Post videos back to back either. Try to allow for an hour or two between posts. If you post them too close, TikTok will treat it as a spam attempt and not only will the video be under review, the video is usually throttled meaning its performance with be greatly affected
H.     General things to look out for:

h1.      Don't use the words link in bio as they cause videos to be throttled

h2.     Do not guarantee income in any way. This is an FTC violation and tiktok can shut you down over it

h3.     Certain sayings and phrases are being deleted by tiktok without your knowledge. Replies you leave on peoples comments can not say link in bio, DM, message me. Its really tricky but its just tiktok's attempt to keep people on the app and not leaving. I have a back up account as every one of you should have and I often go to that account and look at my main account to see what they will allow me to say and what they won't.
7.     If your tiktok account does get banned, go HERE to start the process of getting it back and then every single day you on your back up account and report a problem and tell them how your main account was wrongfully shut down. This is how I finally got my account back after it was gone for 2 months.
Although they didn't help me I do know they helped others. Here are the two email addresses you can                                              send emails to and hopefully get your account restored as well.

8.      Promoting on Instagram/FaceBook Reels: You should always start promoting on one platform but from what I'm seeing here lately, you need to be repurposing your tiktok content to Instagram and FaceBook reels as soon as possible. I'm not the best on Instagram but I know the top affiliates on there and they all say the same thing and that is...

A.     They don't know how their accounts blew up on Instagram!!! Now I know how that sounds. They know but it doesn't make sense. The hashtags don't matter. The posting time doesn't matter. The only thing that they all have in common is that they posted consistently 3 times a day every day for as long as it took. Sure there are ways to dress up your account but for the most part its consistency and using the targeted content that you're repurposing from tiktok is the key on these platforms.
B.      Try not to post more than 3 times per day on any of these platforms unless you can space them out over hours. All these platforms do not like content posted close together. There needs to be at least an hour preferably two between posts on all platforms.

This Information is a general game plan for beginners and should get you started with direction and purpose. After 3 months of steady posting there are some other things you need to be focusing on like creating your own FB group and a YouTube Channel to help start converting leads but lets get these basics down to a science and get you making your first $1,000 online.

Reach out to me at anytime on FaceBook messenger >>> HERE <<<

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